What is an MP3 Server ?

An MP3 server is a computer hooked to your stereo system through the computers sound card. If you have an older Pentium not doing anything at the present time, we can convert it to a digital jukebox. It usually will need a larger hard drive and sometimes a better sound card if you want to digitally record and playback files. We are also in the process of procuring older systems to modify and sell.

We use
Musicmatch Jukebox and Windows XP as the MP3 software and operating system. We will supply the software purchased new. It will be registered to you and the price will be part of the system. We cannot install software supplied by the customer for legal reasons. With Musicmatch you can digitally record your old 33 rpm records, tapes and CD's and save them as MP3 or WMA files. This will in effect create a digital jukebox to play, record, store and categorize your music.

You can also download music from the Internet in Mp3 format. There are many sites on the Internet to download music, some legal and some not considered legal because of copyright infringements.

We do not encourage or condone stealing copyrighted music off the net and will not supply anyone with MP3, WAV or any other type of music files.

According to the RIAA website it is legal to make a copy of music you already own for your personal use. We do not feel it is fair to the musicians and artists to take their music from the Internet without their permission. There are many legal pay and free sites available on the net to get MP3's or stream and listen at very reasonable prices. I use Lycos Rhapsody. It is legal and the cost is very reasonable.